Let’s talk about mental illness

It’s time to talk about mental illness

Talk to your partner

Talk to your husband

Talk to your wife

Talk to your son

Talk to your daughter

Talk to your extended family

Talk to your colleague

Talk to your doctor


Listen when someone is talking

Don’t change the subject ” Oh, look, there’s a new film out”

Don’t direct the person to activities to cheer them up “What you need is fresh air and a long walk”

Don’t judge them “How can you be depressed? You have a wonderful husband, beautiful kids…..”

Don’t joke it away “We are all sad/crazy sometimes”

Don’t belittle them “You’re such a loser”

Don’t offer advice “My cousin had depression. She tried yoga and it worked for her. You should too”

Do say ” Please talk to your doctor”

Because then you confront the illness, not the person.


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