First week of the summer break..

Hello,how are you? I am well, thanks. So I have told you that I am a mum and a teacher, living with fibromyalgia. I am having a flare up at the moment. But the worst is I also have Summer SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder). Let me explain.. In the summer break I break from my routine to get more rest. Read more in my post called Fibromyalgia.
A typical day…

Struggle to get up at 10am ish. Struggle to make breakfast for my family, courtesy of the symptom called brain fog. Do I fry the eggs first or make the coffee? Did I add sugar already? I also make a cup a tea at the same time,so that I don’t have to get up from the sofa. But I only drink herbal tea and my husband put the black tea next to the herbal tea container. Yes.. got it mixed up… start again. Did I put sugar in the tea… No!!! I don’t like sugar in the tea.. start again. My daughter wants fried eggs on buttered bread with ketchup, I want fried eggs on toast with salt and pepper. Its a struggle to remember not to mix it up. My daughter wants orange juice without bits… I bought the juice on offer…. It. Has. Bits. I have failed as a mother!!!! 😂 Now she wants tea. Redbush tea only. Remember to take the correct tea bag. Now take medicine. You have to take 4 tablets,Mouse! 4 tablets! Which four? Slow down… Stay in the moment.. count down your symptoms.. pain tablet ✔ depression tablet✔ fatigue buster tablet ✔ vitamin✔. Then I take the breakfast to the living room and sink into the sofa.

As soon as I finish my breakfast and coffee whilst watching TV, my daughter asks….

“Where are we going today?”

It’s summer break remember… Monday we went to the green, Tuesday we went to a trampoline park with two of her friends,and a picnic ,and an unexpected errand… Wednesday we went to the park.. It rained as soon as we got out of the car…on Thursday she was invited for a sleepover… I slept. On Friday I was invited for lunch…but I cancelled because I felt like death warmed up. I feel 😩😂for cancelling!!!

After each activity I sleep for 4 hours( afternoon nap) and 10 hours at night. I struggle to wake up everyday.

And it is only the first week of the summer break…


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