Wellbeing ( We don’t say stress anymore)

I am back at work after one month’s leave. Please see my blog”Two things that matter” to understand why.

I returned to teaching, paperwork, meetings and training sessions. Apparently, teachers are stressed because there was a lot of talk of staff wellbeing by management this week. We had emails and a training session on wellbeing. We discussed ways to relieve stress , learnt how to  give a  pizza 🍕 massage in a big group. We were given homework… Think of  something to do to relieve stress, list the pros and cons, etc.. I will let you know how I get on. Just the word homework makes me stressed..oops sorry, affects my wellbeing.

I must say, discovering the benefits of essential oils has changed my life. It definitely relieves stress, by inhaling it or by applying it to the skin after it’s been diluted in carrier oils. I also enjoy getting or giving a massage. There is something amazing about someone’ s hands touching your skin. It’s even more rewarding giving someone else a massage, especially a foot massage. It’s humbling and healing.

Looks like I have started my homework … 

Night night.



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