Two things that matter…


How are you? I am well thanks. I have been going through a tough time lately and I am so thankful and grateful for all the support that I have received from my husband, daughter, family, friends and colleagues.

In April I found out that my dad was suffering from lung cancer. I was fortunate to spend a week of quality time with him and had​ hoped to travel back to South Africa in this month to see him again. Sadly, he passed away on the 3rd of May. In the end, I did travel back…. to plan and attend his funeral.

Though it was a sad time, it was God’s grace and mercy that gave me a precious few days with my mum. Sadly, she passed away on the 16th of May. I was fortunate to spend her last few days with her.

As I sat by her bedside, only two things mattered.  I spent time praying with and for my mum, as her speech was impaired. I could read the Bible to her. I could sing hymns to her.  In the end, there are are two things that matter.. God and our loved ones.



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  1. God will see you and your family through this Valda. Praying for courage and strength for you and your family members, both in the UK and SA. Take care.


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