Saturday morning


What are doing on this grey day? I am looking for vouchers. Yes,it’s been a long time since some pounds (the good kind) landed in my bank account….In fact it was 37 days and 14 hours ago. Ate a lot of homemade soup and pesto pasta this month.Hence my search for vouchers.

What else did I do? Oh, I tidied up the mug cupboard in the kitchen. It was very therapeutic.Packed the red spotty ones in one row, the blue and red stripy ones in another row,followed by the Winnie the Pooh and friends collection..Then the flowered ones… Didn’t know what to do either the solitary mugs, because it messed up the display .So the One Direction mug (not mine!), the ugly Christmas I bought in the Tesco boxing day sale for 50p because it contained foot cream and the other mug that is beautiful are going to work.”Why the beautiful mug,” you ask.Because it’s solitary and cannot make a row.

I planned to deep clean the house today.You know…Scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors,scrub the tiles,deodorise the carpets with bicarbonate of soda and then vacuum 20 minutes later,wash the windows,damp dust every surface in the flat, vacuum the mattresses,change the bedding,do several loads of washing, iron some clothes….Hold on , I am lying, I never iron…And bake flapjacks,a loaf of bread and a cake….BUT I am sitting on the sofa with my hubby watching The Walking Dead because I used up my spoons by putting mugs into rows. Fibromyalgia wins again.

Have a great Saturday!


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